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Liquid distributors

The liquid distributor is an essential part of every separation tower or column. The quality of the liquid distribution has large influence on column performance.

ENVIMAC Engineering GmbH designs, constructs and delivers modern column internals like liquid and gas distributors with performance features such as high-efficiency distribution, high resistance to soiling and low pressure drop.
We provide distributors made from various materials, like high performance plastics and stainless steel and different designs, always designed and customized in regard of the process specifications and the column packing type. Our portfolio covers:

• pipe distributors,
• trough distributors
• pan distributors
• re-distributors
• and more….

ENVIMAC's internals have been successfully applied in columns with diameters of more than 8 meters. Equipment for larger columns and cooling towers can also be provided.
Dimensioning and construction are carried out based on our long-term experience with complex calculating models and the use of CAD-systems, tailored to your application needs.

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