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Vane type mist eliminators

Vane type separators are used to separate liquid droplets or dust from gas or vapour streams. They can be used at high gas or vapour velocities and allow high separation efficiency at low pressure drops. Vane type mist eliminators can be installed inside columns, evaporators and other vessels, or in a separate casing inside piping. The flow direction may be horizontal or vertical.


ENVIMAC provides vane type separators for any kind of application, e.g. in
• gas cooling towers
• scrubbers and distillation towers
• dryers
• power plants
• evaporators


We offer vane type mist eliminators made from plastics like PE, PP, ETFE, PVDF and stainless steel like SS304, SS316Ti etc.as well for high pressure applications including casing, designed according to PED or ASME code, with or without automatic cleaning devices. Please ask about special materials!

For highest separation efficiency, we recommend the DeKombi© Mist Eliminator. It ensures maximum separation whilst keeping the pressure drop to a minimum. It is designed for vertical installation.

Various profile types allow a tailor made solution for your specific problem, e.g.:

• ETV15 – for vertical gas streams, e.g. in column, evaporators, phase separators, K.O. drums etc.
• ETV15 DeKombi – our high performancem ist eliminator system for highest separation efficiency even at very high vapour and dust load
• ETV8 – seprator for high dust load or as pre separator for very high liquid loads
• ETH10 – mist eliminator for horizontal gas or vapour flow, e.g. in pipelines
• ETH-S- mist and dust eliminator made from stainless steel grades according to your requirements, various designs for individual solutions, even in high pressure systems 


Check our website for further information on droplet separators or mist eliminators!


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