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Steam drier (droplet separator)

ENVIMAC provides equipemnt for droplet removal and separation from vapor streams.


In numerous processes saturated steam is conveyed in pipes between different system parts. Changes in temperature and pressure fluctuations can occur at different points of the processes and lead to condensation effects and droplet formation. The resulting condensate droplets are entrained by the vapor stream and can cause considerable damage, for example, in downstream components such as compressors, valves etc., especially at high vapor velocities.

For the droplet separation from the vapor stream ENVIMAC provides highly effective mist eliminators or droplet separators (so-called steam drier or steam separator). ENVIMAC provides separators and pressure vessel and equipment manufactured according to PED or ASME code from various kinds of steel, stainless steel etc. 


Checm out our website for more information on mist eliminators or droplet and dust separators.

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