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Column internals

Liquid distributors

The liquid distributor is an essential part of every separation tower or column. The quality of the liquid distribution has large influence on..

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Support trays

A packing, e.g. random packings, need a support to be installed inside the column. The support grid should be strong enough to withstand the weight..

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Collection trays

Collection trays are used in tall columns, when the packed height is very large. In this case, the liquid is collected and re-distributed in order..

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Down hold grids

Down hold grids are used as a bed limiter in packed columns. The keep the random packed bed in its place to avoid packings to be discharged from the..

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Mist eliminators (droplet separators)

Mist eliminators are used in columns, phase separators, K.O. drums etc. in order to remove droplets entrained by the liquid before the leave the..

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