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Random packings

ENVIMAC is expert in random tower packings. We provide design of packed towers as well as various random tower packing types made of high performance plastics, stainless steel and ceramics for various processes. Different sizes and shapes of modern random packings with high separation efficiency and low pressure drop are available. The appropriate size, shape and material meeting the demands of the specific application is carefully chosen by our experience and skilled packing experts. Beside our own random packings types, ENVIMAC provides classical random packings on demand.

Metal random packings

McPac - ENVIMAC’s high-performance, 4th generation random metal packing Mc-Pac has been designed as a special random packing for all kinds of..

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ENVIPAC and DTNPAC - plastic tower packing

ENVIPAC Only ENVIMAC Engineering GmbH provides the original ENVIPAC high-performance tower packing. ENVIPAC is a spherical lattice-type packing..

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Ceramic random packings - SR-Pac and R-Pac

SR-PAC und R-PAC – In comparison with classical packings the R-Pac and SR-Pac packing, made from stoneware (ceramic) or porcelain, have the..

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Pall rings and classic random packings

Spheres, Raschig rings, saddles, Bialecki rings and Pall rings are still widely used in industry. ENVIMAC delivers classical random packings made..

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