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Waste water processing

ENVIMAC is a specialist in the field of wastewater treatment for more than 25 years. We deliver customized solutions with innovative technologies such as for ammonium removal from industrial wastewater, municipal wastewater and from manure and digestate. We supply complete systems for the neutralization of waste water, mobile biological systems for industrial and commercial waste water treatment plants as well as for the degassing of water.




Industrial waste water treatment

Waste water from commercial and industrial processes must be cleaned cost efficiently, with low maintenance effort and in plants with a small footprint.

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Municipal waste water treatment

In these cases and in all other areas with no existing or working municipal sewage system, e.g. in small villages, hardly accessible areas etc. ,fixed bed systems have proven themselves over thirty years.

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Ammonia removal and recovery

Ammonium or ammonia can be removed from wastewater, manure and digestate and recycled as a valuable product with ENVIMAC stripping processes. 

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Manure and digestate treatment

After the fermentation process, the fermentation residue or digestate still contains a large number of nutrients, such as nitrogen compounds.

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Deaeration systems

In many areas, dissolved gases like oxygen or carbon dioxide must be removed from process water before further use in power plants, in steam generation etc.

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Neutralzation plants

Wastewaters with strongly acidic or alkaline pH may need to be neutralized before discharge to sewage systems or wastewater treatment plants.

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