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Mist eliminators

Mist eliminators are used for the removal of liquid droplets and dust or fine particles from horizontal and vertical gas streams. Typically mist eliminators (or droplet separators) are used e.g. in evaporators, rectification and scrubbing columns, flash tanks, knock out drums and for the protection of fans, turbines and at chimneys. They often also serve for additional dust removal. ENVIMAC Engineering has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and operation of droplet separators with the highest standards in terms of separation efficiency and product quality whilst keeping the pressure drop to a minimum. The right combination of different mist eliminator principles guarantees the separation of droplets with diameters below 10 μm as well as dust concentrations below 20 mg/m³. Our broad range of products and our long-term experience enables us to offer separators for any type of application tailored to our customers's needs. Our range includes vane type mist eliminators, wire-mesh separators (so-called demisters) and radial spin or cyclone separators. The optimum choice of construction or combination depends on the application as well as the applied media and operating parameters. We offer mist eliminators for high pressure applications including casing, designed according to PED or ASME code, with or without automatic cleaning devices.

Vane type mist eliminators

Vane type separators are used to separate liquid droplets or dust from gas or vapour streams. They can be used at high gas or vapour velocities and..

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Radial spin droplet and dust separators

Radial spin mist eliminators type HRT are used to separate large quantities of liquid and condensate or dust from gas streams. They can be installed..

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Demister - wire mesh droplet separators

Demisters are particularly suitable for small and moderate gas velocities and are designed to achieve a high separation efficiency in the case of..

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Steam drier (droplet separator)

ENVIMAC provides equipemnt for droplet removal and separation from vapor streams.   In numerous processes saturated steam is conveyed in..

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