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Columns and mass transfer devices

ENVIMAC offers design, fabrication and optimization of columns for fluid separation processes such as distillation, absorption, stripping and liquid/liquid extraction and column internals.

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Column internals

The liquid distributor is an essential part of every separation tower or column. The quality of the liquid distribution has large influence on column performance.

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Random packings

ENVIMAC is expert in random tower packings. We provide design of packed towers as well as various random packing types made of high performance plastics, stainless steel and ceramics for various processes.

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Mist eliminators

Mist eliminators are used for the removal of liquid droplets and dust or fine particles from horizontal and vertical gas streams.

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Diffusers for aeration

ENVIMAC plant, baut und ertüchtigt komplette Belüftungssysteme für Kläranlagen, Oxidationsbecken z.B. bei REA-Wäschen und überall dort wo Gase wie z.B.

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Column design software

ENVIMAC software packages have been designed as a tool for design engineers. It features quick and reliable design of packed or tray columns in a straightforward way.

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